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Long Standing Contributor UWJ’s 2015 Nation Builders’ Awards Jupiter Awardee 2015 Nation Builders' Award 2015 Nation Builders' Award 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

Long Standing Contributor

Long standing contributor to the work of the United Way of Jamaica, Police Commissioner, Dr. Carl Williams being pinned by UWJ Board Member and member of the Workplace & Philanthropy Committee, Mrs. Jacqueline Hinkson during the courtesy call on June 4, 2015. UWJ Board Members Mr. Michael Gentles and Mr. Wayne Wray are in the background.

UWJ’s 2015 Nation Builders’ Awards

(L-R) Ms. Kelly Tomblin, Mrs. Winsome Wilkins, Mrs. Denise Herbol and Dr. Marcia Forbes at the UWJ’s 2015 Nation Builders’ Awards Ceremony.

Jupiter Awardee

Chief Executive Officer of JAMALCO - Mr. Antonio Melo receives the Jupiter Award for the Highest Corporate Donor on the behalf of the company from UWJ Chairman, Mr. Ian Forbes. Looking on from (L-R) are: Mr. Christopher Buckmaster, Mrs. Ealane Livingston Smith, Mrs. Donna Marie Brooks-Gordon and Ms. Sonia Mitchell.

2015 Nation Builders' Award

(L-R) Mrs. Vivienne Bayley – Hay, Mrs. Winsome Wilkins and Mrs. Eva Lewis at the 2015 Nation Builders’ Awards Ceremony.

2015 Nation Builders' Award

(L-R) Chairman of the United Way of Jamaica - Mr. Ian Forbes; Highest Individual Donor- Dr. Robert Chen; Vice President, Group Marketing & Corporate Affairs at the Victoria Mutual Building Society - Mrs. Vivienne Bayley-Hay & Mr. Curtis Martin, Deputy General Manager at Jamaica National Building Society displaying their awards.

30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service

United Way of Jamaica (UWJ) Board Members and Staff at the 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service held at the St. Andrew Parish Church on March 22, 2015.

The United Way of Jamaica (UWJ) was established in 1985 to fulfill the need for a sustained system required for mobilizing resources for the private voluntary sector. The UWJ consist of a Volunteer Board of Governors with the responsibility for determining the policies of the corporation.

The UWJ is an approved Charitable Organization which seeks to advocate for the public good. Over the years, there has been significant investment and impact in the areas of education, income generation and health. The organization brings donors, volunteers, community leaders and other stakeholders together to address pressing needs in our society. The investment of resources and forging of partnerships are also utilized to support a wide range of services. In times of disaster, the organization collaborate with its partners in relief and restoration efforts.

Our mission is “to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good”.