February 25, 2018  10:10:27am

Choose Life International (CLI)

Choose Life International (CLI) was established in 2008 as a faith based NGO, formed in response to the awareness of brokenness in many lives.  There are too many people who simply exist, going through the motions of life …without peace, …without fulfillment, …without purpose.  At CLI we receive calls for help on a daily basis on behalf of persons who are so distressed that they are at the point of hopelessness, and they struggle with thoughts of taking their own lives. Our vision and passion is to ‘help people live’ and our initiatives are geared toward holistic development: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Pig Rearing Project - Andrea Lawrence (Beneficiary)

Since the start of this project my idea and view of pig rearing has changed in a positive way. I have not only been introduced to improved ways of production but I’ve also learnt how to better manage and care for my drift so I can have a more economical business by reducing my expenditure and increasing my income.

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Bethany Fellowship for Mission of Compassion

United Way of Jamaica (UWJ) has given sterling support to the Mission of Compassion (MOC) which seeks to care for the sick and assist the poor at Poorman’s Corner, Yallahs, St. Thomas. The MOC is a faith-based organization arising from Bethany Fellowship (formerly Bethany Gospel Hall), a church founded in the Half-Way Tree area of Kingston in 1939. 

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