Our Board of Governors

  • Dr. Marcia Forbes

    Dr. Marcia Forbes

    Chair, Board of Governors
  • Mr. Ian Forbes

    Mr. Ian Forbes

    Immediate Past Chair, Board of Governors
  • Mrs.Winsome Wilkins

    Mrs.Winsome Wilkins

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms.Stephanie Sterling

    Ms.Stephanie Sterling

    Company Secretary
  • Devon Smith

    Devon Smith

    Chair, Finance and Administration Committee
  • Mrs. Saffrey Brown

    Mrs. Saffrey Brown

    Chair, Council of Voluntary Social Services
  • Renee Menzies-Mccallum

    Renee Menzies-Mccallum

    Chair Women’s Leadership Initiative
  • Mr. Chris Lawe

    Mr. Chris Lawe

    Co-Chair, Campaign Committee
  • Ms. Naomi Garrick

    Ms. Naomi Garrick

    Chair, Youth Leaders Committee
  • Ms. Lorna Laidley

    Ms. Lorna Laidley

    Chair, Project Evaluation Committee
  • Mrs. Marcia Erskine

    Mrs. Marcia Erskine

    Chair, Communications Committee
  • Mrs .Joy Roberts-Williams

    Mrs .Joy Roberts-Williams

    Chair, Programmes & Technical Assistance Committee
  • Ms.Chorvelle Johnson

    Ms.Chorvelle Johnson

    Board Member
  • Bishop Dr. Gary Welsh

    Bishop Dr. Gary Welsh

    Chair, Campaign Committee
  • Mr. Lance Neita

    Mr. Lance Neita

    Chair, Allocations Committee
  • Ms. Eleanor Terrelonge

    Ms. Eleanor Terrelonge

    Chair, Planning and Research Committee
  • Dr. Henley Morgan

    Dr. Henley Morgan

    Chair, Government and International Relations Committee
  • Mrs. Kim Mair

    Mrs. Kim Mair

    Vice Chair, Council of Voluntary Social Services
  • Mrs. Mariame Robinson

    Mrs. Mariame Robinson

    Board Member
  • Mr. Scott Dunn

    Mr. Scott Dunn

    Board Member
  • Barbara Alexander

    Ms Barbara Alexander

    Board Member
  • Ms Jevene Bent

    Ms Jevene Bent

    Board Member
  • Mrs. Patricia Ramsay

    Mrs. Patricia Ramsay

    Board Member
  • Mr. Paul Cole

    Mr. Paul Cole

    Board Member
  • Mr. Richard Powell

    Mr. Richard Powell

    Board Member
  • Mr. Carlton Stephen

    Mr. Carlton Stephen

    Board Member
  • Mr. Wayne Wray

    Mr. Wayne Wray

    Board Member
  • Mr. Noel daCosta

    Mr. Noel daCosta

    Board Member
  • Mr.Elon Beckford

    Mr.Elon Beckford

    Board Member
  • Mr. Alvaro Casserly

    Mr. Alvaro Casserly

    Board Member