February 25, 2018  10:13:28am

Cash crops planted by United Way beneficiaries in Manchester.

United Way of Jamaica (UWJ) continues to be innovative in how partners are engaged in the agricultural sector. Mixed farming is the major style of farming in Jamaica. The rearing of small livestock and cash crop farming balances the income of many families.

 The UWJ has therefore collaborated with the Jamaica Agricultural Society to provide assistance to farmers in the Above Rocks area of St. Andrew from the Hurricane Sandy Fund. Farmers who were beneficiaries of this programme totaled 33 (12 females and 21 males). Cash crops such as sweet peppers, turnip, cabbage, carrot and irish potatoes are planted by these farmers.

Through contributions from United Way worldwide to support restoration efforts in Haiti post the disastrous earthquake in 2012, one hundred and fifty one (151) women have received micro credit grants and one hundred and forty-four (144) men have received agricultural grants and supplies.  All participants have received training in small business management, leadership, savings and investment, marketing and book keeping.

These combined efforts clearly demonstrate that the UWJ is serious about the agriculture sector as a source of employment and income generation and therefore continues to play a role in its progression.

The United Way of Jamaica remains committed to “mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good”. 


The United Way of Jamaica assist beneficiaries in their production of ackee.